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The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is a staple for celebrations and known for their extensive menu and delicious food. I am also obsessed with their complimentary whole grain bread that serve to you while you wait for your meal to come. I was interested in trying their new menu items that they call “Super Foods”. The Super… Continue reading The Cheesecake Factory

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Feast Buffet – Santa Fe Station Casino

I am always trying to find a good casino breakfast buffet that is close to my house and that is why I tried the Feast Buffet inside the Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino.  The prices of the Feast buffet are on the cheap side when it comes to buffets in Las Vegas. They have… Continue reading Feast Buffet – Santa Fe Station Casino

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Wolfgang Puck Five Sixty

For our 3 year wedding anniversary we decided to go to Wolf Puck’s Five Sixty restaurant in the reunion tower ball.  The restaurant has such a romantic ambiance, with mood lighting. The most exciting thing about Five Sixty, is that the whole restaurant is slowly revolving around in a circle. Due to the fact the… Continue reading Wolfgang Puck Five Sixty

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Underground Indian Cuisine

I was invited by Underground Indian Cuisine to visit for a lunch buffet.  They have lunch buffets everyday, and then their regular menu for dinner.  They are located in Irving, and there is construction going on on their street- parking is on the street also.  After driving through the construction then walking from our parking… Continue reading Underground Indian Cuisine

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Pei Wei


Pei Wei is the cheaper version of P.F. Changs, because they are owned by the same company.  The quality of the food is the same caliber as P.F. Changs, but you will pay half the price!  It is very hard for me to find a reputable Chinese restaurant, because my husband will only eat at chain restaurants.  That is another story, but basically he won’t eat at whole in the wall restaurants or restaurants that don’t have at least 4 stars on Yelp!  So that pretty much eliminates most Chinese buffets or restaurants…but Pei Wei made the cut.

The vegetarian options are endless at Pei Wei, because you can order any of their entrees with vegetables and tofu as your meat.  You place your order, and then you wait at your table for your wok fresh entree.  Choosing a vegetarian dish is easy, because they have a green leaf picture as an indicator.


I ordered the one vegetable spring roll, and the Honey Seared entree (honey garlic sauce, chile oil, rice sticks, scallions, red bell peppers) with vegetables and tofu.  I also chose brown rice as my rice option.

Vegetable spring roll

The vegetable spring roll came out very fast (cabbage, ginger, carrots, celery, scallions, onions, black mushrooms, glass noodles, rolled in a crispy wrapper). The texture was very crispy and flavorful.

Vegetable spring roll

My entree came out and the tofu was very hot, I had to wait a few minutes before I could actually eat it.  I did burn my mouth a few times because I wanted to taste it. The honey seared vegetables were sweet and delicious.  I like the combination of sweet and savory in an entree.  I also like their brown rice, it is fluffy and easy to mix into the stir fry.

Honey Seared vegetables and tofu, brown rice

I always leave Pei Wei feeling like I made a healthy choice.  The meal fills me up, but does not weigh me down.

Honey Seared vegetables

I would recommend Pei Wei to anyone, especially vegetarians.  The possibilities for entrees is endless, because you can add vegetables and tofu to anything!  Also I feel like it is a healthy choice, for when you are feeling like a light meal.

My husbands meaty meal

The Pei Wei location that I visited is 3412 E Hebron Pkwy. Suite 100, Carrollton, TX 75010.


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