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Feast Buffet – Santa Fe Station Casino

I am always trying to find a good casino breakfast buffet that is close to my house and that is why I tried the Feast Buffet inside the Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino.  The prices of the Feast buffet are on the cheap side when it comes to buffets in Las Vegas. They have an omelette station, pizza, ice cream, donuts, Mexican station, salad bar, and a carving station.


I tried their omelette station, where they make you a customized omelette and you can pick what you’d like inside of it. I chose to have them make me an egg white omelette with onions, cheddar, spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms. The omelette ended up being mediocre in flavor and texture. I also tried a biscuit that was fluffy and tasted good.  I ate a piece of frosted flake french toast that was cold and had a mushy consistency. The refried beans that I tasted were good tasting and had cheese on top.


I enjoyed the bowl of cream of wheat that I ate with cinnamon and raisins. It is hard to mess up cream of wheat. My husband tried the mini waffles, cinnamon roll, and hash browns. He said that the cinnamon roll was good, but the waffle was cold.


I wouldn’t go back to the Feast, because I have a high standard of food. If you want a simple and cheap breakfast buffet and don’t care much about taste, this buffet is for you.

Feast Buffet is located inside the Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino at 4949 N Rancho Drive Las Vegas, NV 89130.

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-Veg Girl

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