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Yuki Shaved Snow


This is my first post since I moved from Dallas to Las Vegas and it is long over due!

I was quite curious about Yuki’s Shaved Snow since I moved near their 8414 Farm Road location. The modern decor inside Yuki’s is very inviting, and you can see the large metal machine that shaves down blocks of flavored ice behind the counter. If you do not want to try the shaved snow, they also have delicious looking ice cream and doughnuts. The ice cream flavors were very tempting to me, but I came determined to try the shaved snow.  I tried a small strawberry shaved snow, which also comes with one topping and one drizzle. I choose kiwi for my one topping and caramel sauce for my drizzle.


The strawberry frozen snow was extremely light and airy. It was quite a refreshing snack to have, and even tasted a bit healthy compared to dense milky ice cream. The caramel drizzle was a perfect compliment to the frozen snow and kiwi. The texture of the snow was flaky in my mouth, it is hard to describe exactly. I enjoyed eating my frozen snow, and would go back to try other flavors.

Yuki Shaved Snow is located at 8414 Farm Rd #150, Las Vegas, NV 89131.

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