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Tandoory Taco


I have been noticing an excess of specialty taco joints popping up all over Texas. I do enjoy a tasty vegetarian taco every now and then. The only negative part about vegetarian tacos, is when the restaurant only puts a few mixed vegetables in the taco and then calls it vegetarian. It is not a very creative process at all!

The one of the best taco restaurants that I have found is extremely out of the box menu and ingredients. Tandoory Taco is a taco restaurant with authentic Indian flavors. You can also choose to have any of their tacos on naan bread as the taco shell.


We had an appetizer of the fried buffalo cauliflower.  The texture of the fried cauliflower is chewy and almost tastes like you are eating fried potatoes. The buffalo sauce is rather spicy, and I am not a spicy sauce person. I did enjoy the taste of the fried cauliflower, and the appetizer plate was a rather large portion size.


They have so many Indian tacos that are vegetarian, It was hard to choose just one to sample (The Hippie & The Chola). I chose The Channa taco, it has spiced garbanzo beans, onions, and tomato sauce. And of course, I had to order mine with the naan taco shell.   The taste of the Channa taco was out of this world! Although I am already an Indian food lover, this takes Indian food to another taste level. Next time, I want to try the Hippie taco with mushrooms!


My husband ordered the Texas taco, it has skirt steak, spices and their Himalayan sauce.  He also ordered his taco on the naan bread.  He said that it was a great tasting taco, and he would eat it again.

Due the fact that Tandoory Taco has numerous vegetarian options, and delicious fried cauliflower, I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new take on Indian food.

The Tandoory Taco location that I visited is located at 8549 Gaylord Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75034.

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