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La Zaranda Modern Kitchen and Tequila


La Zaranda is a restaurant with Mexican flair, and is well known for their seafood ceviches.  I have always had an interest in finding out if they had any vegetarian options that I could try.  It is hard to find restaurants where I can eat with my husband (meat eater), and also enjoy an amazing vegetarian option for myself. These types of restaurants are harder to find because, they usually specialize in a certain type of meat for example BBQ, and only have a few vegetarian “sides”. As you all know, we vegetarians cannot survive on “sides” alone, we need full vegetarian entrees that satisfy our needs (veg protein).

I have found the complete solution to my restaurant conundrum in La Zaranda. They have an array of vegetarian choices for you to pick from, and all of them are thoughtfully gourmet.

After you sit down, they give you complimentary thick cut house made tortilla chips with and 3 types of dipping sauces to sample. They gave us one mild salsa, one spicy salsa, and one cilantro guacamole dipping sauce, which I thought was quite generous considering most restaurants give you one or two dipping sauces if you are lucky.



The appetizer that we choose was the Fundido Cheese. It is square block of Mexican white cheeses blended together. The cheese consistency was soft and pliable, like that of a string cheese. I would cut off a piece from the larger cheese square and wrap it up in one of their handmade corn tortillas. The taste of the cheese was similar to that of a queso, and the flavor was not too overwhelming. This was one of my favorite dishes that we tasted, because cheese is one of the things I enjoy eating the most.




I am a huge fan of black bean soup, and I had a cup of their Merida black bean soup before I had my entree, and it did not disappoint. The soup was creamy and even had a bit of a spicy flavor, and it also had tortilla strips and cheese cubes floating at the top. I couldn’t have asked for a better combination than the black bean soup and the cheese cubes, that I would find as I mixed around my cup with a spoon. Finding a piece of cheese or a tortilla strip inside your cup of soup makes the experience more fun.


The manager had two choices for vegetarian entrees that would be specially made for me by the chef, the vegetable enchiladas or the vegetable tacos. I picked the vegetable enchiladas, because I wanted to see how they would create these. I wondered if they would come out with the ranchero red sauce and cheese only inside. When my entree came I was extremely surprised to find steamed broccoli and squash inside the enchiladas! These enchiladas tasted healthy, but delicious. The combination of the corn tortilla, ranchero sauce, cheese and mixed vegetables was perfection. I have been looking for a healthy Mexican option, and this hits all requirements for me.  The enchiladas came with a side of rice and guacamole. The rice was ordinary, and but their guacamole tasted very smooth.



We shared their fried bananas and ice cream dessert. The fried bananas were caramelized with sugar and very tasty. They should make the bananas a larger portion size, because I wanted to keep eating them. The ice cream had a hint of cinnamon flavor to it, and it was smooth and delicious. The ice cream also had candied nuts that were delightful to crunch on. I would eat the fried banana dessert again, but I wouldn’t share it with anyone! ***Media Comp***


La Zaranda is located at 5000 Belt Line Rd. Suite 850 Dallas, TX 75254.

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