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Texas de Brazil


Texas de Brazil is a traditional Brazilian steakhouse, with one of the largest salad bar buffets that I have ever seen. The selection is endless at their salad bar, and this is a great opportunity for vegetarians to taste different things, that they might never have thought to try before.  If you have a full Brazilian steakhouse dinner, this includes the endless meat selection (that my husband likes to eat) and their salad bar buffet. I tell my server that I would only like to eat the salad bar buffet, and this cuts my meals price in half.

We went for Easter brunch, because I saw a coupon in their Eclub for free dessert and drinks. You need to join their Eclub, because they give you a buy one get one free dinner/salad for your birthday (this a very large savings), and also send you coupons/promotions throughout the year.


For Easter brunch, they had special breakfast items such as eggs, croissants, breakfast potatoes, mini muffins, and fresh fruit salad.  I enjoy the salad bar every time that I come to Texas de Brazil. Every salad ingredient is made with spices, and always surprises me with the taste. They have numerous salad dressings and salad toppings, that are very interesting to try. I enjoy tasting their multiple cheeses, and their mozzarella ball is great in particular.


They give you a few sides with your meal, including cinnamon sugar bananas, mashed potatoes and Brazilian cheesy bread balls.  The cheesy bread balls are soft inside, and they melt in your mouth when you eat them. They are one of the highlights of the meal for me, because they always come out warm and delicious tasting.


The drink that I tried was the Calypso strawberry lemonade, which was very tangy flavored. I love strawberry lemonade in general, and the Calypso did not disappoint. It had a lot of strawberry flavor, more strawberry than lemon flavor. I also think that the glass bottle that the strawberry lemonade comes in is super cute!


The dessert that we both tried was the key lime pie.  I can’t tell you enough good things about their key lime pie, it was amazing! It had delicious graham cracker crust, and a strong tangy lime flavor that I loved.  The only downside was the enormous dollop of whip cream that was on top of the pie. I felt like the key lime pie already had a top layer of whip cream, it did not need anymore excess whip cream (I felt like it was a waste of whip cream). Since the rest of the pie slice was very enjoyable, I overlooked the excess whip cream. My stomach was already full when dessert came, but I ended up eating a lot of the key lime pie slice…because it was very tasty.


The location of Texas de Brazil that I visited is at 15101 Addison Rd, Addison, TX 75001.

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