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Panera is always a great place to have a quick lunch, and they have numerous vegetarian options for me to try each time. I heard about their new broth bowls from a friend, and I knew that I had to try one.

The Lentil Quinoa Bowl with cage-free egg and the Soba noodle bowl with edamame are the two vegetarian broth bowls that you can choose from. I was more interested in trying the Lentil Quinoa bowl because I love hard boiled eggs and quinoa!


I also ordered a half Fontina grilled cheese sandwich with my Lentil Quinoa bowl, so that I could dip it into the broth. I love Panera’s Fontina grilled cheese sandwich, because they press it on their panini press, which then leads to beautiful grill marks on the bread. The fontina grilled cheese sandwich is also one of  my favorite grilled cheese sandwiches of all time.  For me, eating at Panera has changed completely, because I used to order the regular American grilled cheese sandwich (which can be quite boring after a while). I hope that they come out with other cheese combinations in the future.


When my Lentil Quinoa broth bowl came out, it was love at first sight. It is hard to explain all of the spices together and the quinoa is very pleasing. I also like how warm it made me feel inside a cold day.  It really is a fun experience dipping my fontina grilled cheese sandwich into the broth.  Panera describes it on their website as “Organic quinoa and organic brown rice, lentil blend, tomato sofrito, fresh kale and spinach in our umami soy-miso broth topped with a hard-boiled cage-free egg and lemon wheel”.


The eggs and quinoa add enough protein for vegetarians to feel full, even though the calorie count is very low at 380 calories. I would recommend the Lentil Quinoa broth bowl for anything who wants a healthy meal that will warm you up!


The Panera location that I visited is 5325 Belt Line Rd, Dallas, TX 75254.

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