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Wolfgang Puck Five Sixty


For our 3 year wedding anniversary we decided to go to Wolf Puck’s Five Sixty restaurant in the reunion tower ball.  The restaurant has such a romantic ambiance, with mood lighting. The most exciting thing about Five Sixty, is that the whole restaurant is slowly revolving around in a circle. Due to the fact the restaurant is always moving slowly, this creates ever changing floor to ceiling window views of downtown Dallas.

Before you can even get to the restaurant, you must take this glass elevator to the top of the reunion tower. It is a very exciting experience also.  Once we made it up to the top of the reunion tower, we were seated by the hostess at a booth right next to the floor to ceiling glass window. The view was amazing of the downtown Dallas below, and the fact that were slowly moving enhanced the experience that we had.


The menu of Five Sixty is Asian inspired. We got an appetizer of vegetable spring rolls. They were very crispy and delicious.


My husband’s appetizer was crispy chicken.fs3

My husband got a side of crispy potato sticks with his meal.


I ordered a vegetarian mushroom noodle bowl. The flavors of the noodle bowl were very tasty, I couldn’t stop eating it.


My husband ordered the warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top for dessert.  The cookie was just baked and therefore very soft and gooey. The chocolate chips were melted and and gooey inside the warm soft cookie.


I ordered the caramel bread pudding for my dessert.  I enjoyed the taste of the bread pudding, but the portion size was very tiny. I am not glutton or anything, but the whole dessert was about 3 bites. I was wishing for more bites that I could enjoy!


This is an up close picture of the bread pudding, it was so delicious!


I also had a cappuccino at the end of our meal, because I was in a sleepy food coma!

Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty is located at 300 Reunion Blvd E, Dallas, TX 75207.

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