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Buffalo Wild Wings


I never thought that I would end up liking a restaurant named “Buffalo Wild Wings”.  I was pleasantly surprised at the large number of vegetarian options on the large menu.  My husband loves their buffalo wings, and it was not a challenge to get him to go here (or any meat eater for that matter).  We go into the booth and I got to watch 50 television screens all at the same time while we waited for our meal.

We started off with their soft mini pretzel appetizer with queso dipping sauce.  The appetizer came with 3 lightly salted warm pretzels and our choice of dipping sauces.  The pretzels were pretty great in flavor and texture, they were super fluffy.  They had just the right amount of salt without going overboard.  We enjoyed dunking the pretzels in the spicy queso sauce.


I loved how soft the pretzels were on the inside (picture below).  They have a ton of great vegetarian appetizer choices, it was hard to pick one. In the future, I would like to try the Roasted Garlic Mushrooms appetizer to mix things up.


For my dinner course, I ordered the Mediterranean salad.  The Mediterranean Salad comes with fresh greens, wedge tomato, cucumbers, carrots, red peppers, onions, crumbled bleu cheese and Kalamata olives.  Served with a side of Mediterranean style bread, tzatziki-feta dressing and hummus.  The salad also comes with chicken, so make sure you tell them to skip the chicken.


When my salad came, I was happily surprised how much I liked the taste combinations.  I was not a fan of their hummus recipe, but their pita bread was warm and soft.  I ate the pita bread without the hummus, because the it tasted off to me.


My husband always gets his buffalo wings and a side of Buffalo Chips, which are crisp natural-cut potato slices.


The buffalo chips were great! I ended up stealing a few off his plate.  They have a great seasoning on the outside and are soft on the inside, just fried to perfection.


I would recommend Buffalo Wild Wings to any vegetarian, because they have so many great dishes to choose from. As long as you stay away from the hummus, you will be okay!  I get surprised everyday by a restaurant that I thought only had meaty meals, and now they have great vegetarian dishes for me to enjoy.

The Buffalo Wild Wings location that I visited is 5000 Belt Line Road #100 Addison, TX.


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