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State Fair of Texas 2014


It is our tradition to go to the Texas State Fair at least once while the fair is going on.  I am obsessed with the the petting zoo and fried food options.  One of my favorite things that I like to eat at the fair is the fried grilled cheese.  This year I switched things up a bit and tried a new veggie burger.



Veggie Burger: It took about 10 minutes of waiting time before I actually got my veggie burger from Bert Concessions (at the end of the midway).  When my burger finally came, I was happily surprised to find it had a ton of vegetables inside.  The lettuce, pickles, onions, tomato, cheese and ketchup were a good combination on a fluffy bun.  I had to try the only veggie burger available at the fair this year, but it is a step in the right direction!


Twister Potatoes: These are so good! My husband is obsessed with these super thin fried potatoes.  We always have to get them when we come to the fair because they are that good.  The potatoes are crispy, thin and spiral cut.



Fried Pumpkin Pie:  I am in love with anything pumpkin flavored, and I had to try the fried pumpkin pie.  The was okay, but nothing great.  It tasted like every other fried pie that I have had in the past.  This type of pie even reminds me of McDonald’s pumpkin pie around the holidays…not so great.


Let me know if you found anything delicious at the fair this year.


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