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Underground Indian Cuisine


I was invited by Underground Indian Cuisine to visit for a lunch buffet.  They have lunch buffets everyday, and then their regular menu for dinner.  They are located in Irving, and there is construction going on on their street- parking is on the street also.  After driving through the construction then walking from our parking spot, we were finally there. The vibe is fun because you have to walk down the stairs to get to the dining room, which means you are really dining “underground”.


The cooking style of the food at Underground Indian Cuisine is called Dumpukht.  In this style of cuisine, herbs and spices play an extremely critical role. The food retains all its natural aromas and becomes imbued with the richness if flavors that distinguishes the cuisine.

Because of this style of cooking, every dish that I tried was very flavorful and I could really taste all the individual spices.  I enjoyed this aspect of the cooking style because when I am eating Indian food, I like to be able to taste everything. I don’t like watered down Indian food.  This was the complete opposite of bland, it was like a spice adventure in my mouth.


I was told that I would have a lot of vegetarian options at the buffet and they were correct to say so. I enjoyed the aloo gobi mutter, bhindi fry, and the vegetable biryani. The fried eggplant and the spring rolls were also a few of my top favorites.


Their naan bread was standard, nothing out of the ordinary.  Naan is always hard to judge, because each batch comes out differently. I prefer a crispier naan, and these were soft and buttery (we all have our own preference).

DSCN3989DSCN3972My husband enjoyed the meat that he tried, and his favorite was also the spring rolls.  He is a hard man to please sometimes and I was happy that he liked everything that the tried.


My favorite Indian dessert is gulab jamoon (honey balls), and I was very happy to see it on the buffet. The gulab jamoon are the softest doughnut like balls that are soaked in sweet syrup. These in particular were amazing, I couldn’t stop eating them!  The dessert is always my favorite part at Indian buffets, because I get to try things that I normally wouldn’t get to.

The Rice Kheer (rice pudding) was not my favorite version of the dessert, a little too runny for my taste.

The buffets were paid for by Underground Indian Cuisine, the opinions are my own.


Underground Indian Cuisine is located at 220 Las Colinas Blvd. East, Suite 264, Irving, TX 75039.


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