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Mama Pita


I have loved Mediterranean food for a long time now.  I enjoy the vegetarian options such as falafel and hummus.  That is why I was intrigued by Mama Pita Mediterranean Grill.  The concept of Mama Pita is fresh healthy ingredients at a reasonable price point.


To start you must choose from a platter, pita wrap, salad, or salad & pita wrap combo. Depending on which meal choice you choose, you can pick 1-2 items from the list below of ingredients.

  • Their vegetarian mains include: grilled vegetables and falafel.
  • Their dips include: hummus, beet tahini, carrot tahini, baba ghannouj, garlic and tzatziki.
  • Their salads include: fattouch, tabbouleh, couscous, and orzo.
  • Their sides include: rice & lentils, fried potatoes, and cracked wheat


I chose the falafel platter. The platter includes: dip, salad, side and 2 mains.  I chose hummus and tzatkiki for my dips (they give you a warm pita to dip into your sauces). For my salads I picked the fattouch and orzo. For my sides I picked a double portion of the fried potatoes. To finish off my platter, I chose falafel for my mains.


Everything that I tried on my platter was amazing! The falafel had a nice crunchy outside and soft inside. The orzo salad had so much flavor, and was very tasty.  I also loved their fried potatoes because they are seasoned well. Their dips were not so impressive to me, everyone has a different flavor of hummus.  The garlic dip was not my favorite, it had a very strong after taste.


The pita was great for dipping into the hummus and garlic dip.  I enjoyed the texture of the pita wrap, and loved that they warm it up for you.


The whole experience is great a Mama Pita Mediterranean Grill.  They always have fresh ingredients and hot falafel that was just freshly made.  Their food tastes healthy, and I don’t feel weighed down after eating here.  This is a good vegetarian choice, and the prices are very reasonable for the huge portion size that you get!

The Mama Pita location that I visited is located at 5800 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75024


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