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Addison Oktoberfest 2014


I attended Addison Oktoberfest on Thursday night, because admission was free.  I wanted to get the food photos up so that people can see the vegetarian options before they go.  There was not that many vegetarian options at Oktoberfest (like always).  I tried my best to sample most of the vegetarian items for this post. The salted pretzel pictured above was fantastic! I am a soft pretzel lover, and this one really was one of the best I’ve tried.


We tried the German potato chips because they looked so delicious.  The chips turned out to be super light and crispy.  I prefer to eat a thicker cut potato chip, where I can taste the actual vegetable.  These are like eating a bag of lays potato chips…not my favorite that we tried.



I tried the Crazy Crepe Mediterranean Medley crepe, and it was amazing.  The hummus, vegetables and cheese were melted together in a soft crepe.  I liked the taste of the crepe because it wasn’t too crispy, it was cooked perfectly.  I would recommend the veggie crepe to anyone who is looking for a healthier option at Oktoberfest.


If you haven’t tried funnel cake fries yet, you must try them at Oktoberfest.  They are one of my favorite festival foods. I like the funnel cake fries because they are easier to eat than a funnel cake, you don’t need a fork. They are also the perfect amount of crispy and sweet.  I am a big fan of these funnel cake fries, and plan to eat them when the fair comes around.


My husband tried the apple strudel, and he said that it was pretty tasty. I was too full at this point to eat anything else!


We both had Wild Bills soda to drink, and they have many soda flavors for you to choose from.  Also the refills are unlimited! I tried the diet root beer and I enjoyed it a lot.

I hope you enjoyed all the food photos from Oktoberfest and eat as much as I did when I went 🙂


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