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Grapefest 2014


Grapefest is a wine and food festival in Grapevine Texas. I wanted to explore the food at Grapefest, because I am not a big drinker.  The food booths at the festival were comparable to the ones at the Texas State Fair, lots of fried food. In between the fried food booths, there were featured Grapevine restaurant booths. This made it easy to be able to try not just the fried food, but also the food from local restaurants. Of course we ended up having mostly fried food anyways…

We started with fried twisted potatoes, and they were very tasty. The potatoes were crunchy, thin and fried to perfection.


I wanted to eat something substantial for lunch, so I had a grilled cheese. The sandwich was good, but it could have used a bit more cheese inside.  There is something great tasting when a grilled cheese is cooked on a hot griddle, because the bread gets super crispy.


Before we left, we wanted to try something sweet.  The red velvet funnel cake was just the right choice.  It was do decadent and amazing! The taste was like eating a fried red velvet cake ball. I almost died and went to food heaven after I ate the funnel cake.



I also took home some Kettle corn, because I am addicted to it. That sweet popcorn, I can’t stop eating it.


I did enjoy the food at Grapefest, and I plan on attending next year.  All the fried food gets you ready for the Texas State Fair, which is coming up in a few weeks! I plan on eating a few fried Oreos, how about you?


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