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Riscky’s Bar-B-Q


It is extremely hard for any vegetarian to be able to go to a BBQ joint and have many options to eat (and only eating “sides” does not count!).  Because I live in Dallas, where BBQ restaurants are on every corner, I wanted to take this on as a challenge.  I wanted to not just have obvious vegetarian restaurants on this blog, I wanted to be creative and challenge myself.  One day you might have to take this challenge on as well, and have to find a vegetarian meal at a BBQ or Steakhouse.


My husband and I were at the Fort Worth Stockyards and I saw the perfect opportunity to try a BBQ restaurant.  Most of the restaurants at the Stockyards are known for their meaty meals. I decided that we should try Riscky’s Bar-B-Q and see how it goes.  I stared at the menu and asked the waitress what I could eat without meat.  She told me that all the salads could be made without meat, and that the BBQ Chipotle Chicken Salad was a good one to try. The salad comes with grilled chicken or fried chicken tossed in the Riscky’s famous barbeque sauce, served on  crispy salad greens, topped with a layer of roasted corn, black beans, cheese, tomatoes, a lime and the homemade Chipotle Ranch dressing.


I ordered one of the BBQ Chipotle chicken salads (without chicken of course), and an appetizer of fried corn.  I have always been a fan of the “fried corn nugget”, but I don’t get to enjoy them as much as I would like.  My husband ordered a plate of ribs, and then we waited for our food to come out. It took a very long time to get the fried corn appetizer, too long for me when I am starving!


Finally the fried corn came and it did not disappoint. The creamed corn inside was warm and soft with a few large pieces of corn. They were very tasty, and it reminded me of the Texas State Fair (which is coming soon).  The dipping sauce was also pretty tasty with the fried corn.


Our main courses finally arrived, and it was well worth the long wait. The salad was perfection! The dressing was a perfect complement to the beans, corn and cheese on top of the salad. I was very impressed and surprised that I was eating so well in a BBQ joint.


My husband’s rib plate came with fries, beans and coleslaw.  He said that the ribs were not the best that he had ever tasted, but they were better than most.


The lesson of the day that I learned was to never feel defeated, don’t judge a restaurant by it’s meaty cover! You might just find your new favorite salad or an appetizer that you love. I plan on doing this experiment for more blog posts in the future, so stay tuned.

The Riscky’s Bar-B-Q location that I visited is 20 E Exchange Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76164.


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