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Salata is an obvious vegetarian haven, and I want to reinforce the great qualities of this restaurant.  I crave the salads that they make for me at this amazing salad bar.

The concept of Salata is pretty basic, you can either pick a salad or a wrap to start with.  If you want to add meat, it will cost you a few more dollars.  This is where vegetarians win, because tofu is FREE.  That’s right, free! Now I hope that I have your attention.  Once you pick your wrap or salad protein type (chicken, seafood or vegetarian), you can then pick the lettuce type.  You can pick from 3 different lettuce types, or mix a few together (I get spinach).


Now you are ready to pick from the endless salad toppings from the salad bar. I like to add a lot of toppings to my salad, because why not get your money’s worth of endless toppings. They also give you a choice from their pieces of bread (I like their pesto bread). My husband always gets a salad wrap, because he likes the pita chips that come with the wrap. They also let you choose form many different salad wrap flavors.


The salad dressings that they have are very unique flavors. My favorite is the fresh herb vinaigrette.  Their dressings are so popular, that you are able to take a bottle home and use it on your salads.  I do this a lot, because I like to make salads at home for dinner.


I would recommend Salata to anyone that is looking for a healthy meal at a reasonable price.  I’d also like to note that their salads and wraps are HUGE.  I have never been able to physically eat an entire salad from Salata, they are that big. Also, their teas and lemonades are very tasty.  I enjoy their peach lemonade whenever I go to Salata, which happens to be about once a week if I am lucky!

Salata is located at 4930 Beltline #110, Addison, Texas 75254.



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