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Pie Five Pizza


At Pie Five Pizza, you can either eat one of their signature pies or you can completely customize your own pie from crust to toppings, or you can have salad. I find this a simple idea for a restaurant, because every pizza or salad is only $6.99 (no matter how many toppings you choose).  The pizzas are baked in about 5 minutes and then are delivered to your table.  This is great for me, because I like instant gratification.  I am always impressed by how fast these pizzas come out.


I choose their signature pizza the Margharita, which is a good vegetarian base, and then added extra veggies to it.  The Margherita comes with olive oil, roma tomatoes,  minced garlic, and basil. The recommended crust is the artisan thin crust, but I chose to have mine on the whole grain thin crust. The extra veggies that I chose were artichokes, black olives, and mushrooms. I also chose to have pesto drizzled on top after it came out of the oven.


I have to tell you that Pie Five pizzas are very delicious, they use quality ingredients at a fair price. The pies are also very consistent, meaning that they are the same no matter what location I visit. The thin crust is soft, but hard around the edges.  It is hard not to come here more often, because for $7, you can get a great pizza in a quick amount of time.

My husband’s meaty pizza

My husband chose to make his own pizza, he chose artisan thin crust, and a lot of meats on top of his.

I have their salads and they are quite unique, because they come with a classic pan crust bottom as the salad bowl. When you order a salad, you can choose from the unlimited pizza toppings to mix in. I tried their Ceasar dressing in the past, and it was pretty good tasting. I enjoy eating the salad and then eating the crust bowl at the end.


I would recommend Pie Five Pizza because you can make your pizza anyway that you would like, and it is quick and cost efficient. Vegetarians, and Gluten Free diets are easily accommodated here.  They have gluten free crust, and I am sure it is just as tasty as their other crusts.

The Pie Five Pizza location that I visited is located at 15250 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX 75248.


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