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WARNING: This post will make you very hungry for cookies!  Just stepping into Tiff’s Treats will intoxicate you with the warm just baked cookie smell (calorie free). The smell will pull you in, and keep you there until you buy at least a dozen fresh baked cookies…


Tiff’s Treats is a tasty cookie delivery company that I am currently obsessed with.  They will deliver warm, soft, gooey cookies to your house or work place. The genius who if thought of this concept should be making millions of dollars by now (I wish I would of thought of this).

Tiff’s has many signature cookie flavors that they make everyday. Their signature cookie flavors are:

All of their cookie flavors are excellent, and the texture is soft on the inside.  I prefer a soft cookie over a hard one any day. A few of the flavors that are personal favorites of mine are sugar, snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin, and red velvet.  I believe that the red velvet was a featured cookie at the time, because they don’t always have it. Their featured cookie is always a good choice, because it is never a boring flavor.


They will even ask if you want to eat your cookie right now, and if they can warm it up for you.  The answer is always “Yes!” and “Yes!”, because this is what you want to experience.  The warmed up cookie will melt in your melt with cookie goodness, and that is what I call the Tiff’s experience. After eating a cookie from Tiff’s Treats, it will ruin you for all other cookies that come your way.  You will constantly be comparing Tiff’s cookies to everything else, and then you will need to go back to Tiff’s to get your fix once again.


Also if you are feeling extravagant, you can order a Tiff Witch, which is two Tiff’s cookies with blue bell ice cream sandwiched between them. This is what I call the ice cream sandwich of dreams!


The Tiff’s Treats location that I visited is at 4980 Belt Line Road #190, Addison, TX 75254.


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