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Torchy’s Tacos


Torchy’s Taco has been a long standing favorite taco joint for me.  The taco combinations alone are by far the most creative and tasty that I have ever tried.  They also have numerous sauces, veggie toppings and you can choose if you something fried or grilled (such as friend or grilled portobello mushrooms).  All of their tacos has a funky name that will make you chuckle as you read the menu, such as “Dirty Sanchez” and “Trailer Park”.  They also have vegetarian breakfast tacos that I would like to try one day.


It is so easy to find the vegetarian tacos on the menu, because they are all marked with a “V'”.  I choose two of “The Independent” tacos, which comes with hand-battered and fried portobello mushroom strips with refried beans, roasted corn, carrots, queso fresco, cilantro and avocado, drizzled with ancho aioli on a flour tortilla.


I chose to have my portobello mushrooms grilled instead of fried, and I substituted corn for flour tortilla. These are not your average Tex Mex tacos with 3 ingredients, these are sophisticated flavors all in one small bite. That is why I love Torchy’s, the tacos are always great, and they usually have a few special tacos that you can try for a limited time.


We also tried their chips and salsa, which are nothing more than average chips in my opinion.  On a past trip to Torchy’s we tried the “Lil Nookies”  which are deep-fried chocolate chip cookies dusted with powdered sugar and topped with cherries, and they are amazing! If you want to feel like you are back at the Texas State Fair again, these taste exactly like fried cookie dough. Yummy!


The Torchy’s location that I visited is located at 14760 Preston Rd. Suite 124, Dallas, TX 75254.


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