Sit Down Casual

Brick House Tavern & Tap

It was a Saturday night and my friends decided to that we should try the Brick House Tavern in Plano. The atmosphere at Brick House is all about having fun all the time.  They have big flat screen TVs on all the walls, comfy couch like seats next to the tables, and I saw someone drinking from a “beer bong” (they also have mini kegs).  Brick House is also known for their chicken and waffles dish.

We ordered a few snacks (what they call their appetizers) to start with the bleu and white chips, house made chips, bleu cheese crumbles & white queso. These chips are so tasty, the bleu cheese and queso melted on top of their home made chips.  It was a heavenly combination! We also ordered the house baked soft pretzels, salted pretzels with white queso, yellow mustard & sriracha ranch.  The pretzels were stick shaped and super soft. The flavor of the pretzel was pretty ordinary but the texture was great. I enjoyed the white queso sauce to dip my pretzel in, because the queso was not spicy at all. I am not a big mustard or ranch person, but I heard from the table that the other sauces had some kick to them.

I saw their menu and instantly was not impressed, the vegetarian options were very limited to a few salads.

I was not completely discouraged, and I had to get creative. I asked the waitress if I could order the grilled cheese and tomato soup without the prosciutto.  When she said yes, I was very happy to find a real meal on the meaty menu.  Grilled cheese brings me back to my childhood, and it is comfort food for me. The grilled cheese on their menu came with white bread, smoked cheddar, shaved brie, mozzarella, crispy prosciutto, grilled red onions & arugula with house made tomato bisque (sans the prosciutto for me).

When my grilled cheese and tomato soup finally came, I was very impressed with the sandwich combination.  The arugula and smoked cheddar were a winning combination for me. The bread was very crispy on the outside, which I feel like every grilled cheese needs crispy bread (no soggy bread!).

In conclusion, I would only recommend the grilled cheese sandwich and bleu and white chips.  Sadly, Brick House has a very limited vegetarian menu, and that is why I do not plan on going back anytime soon (unless you want to order a salad).

The Brick House location that I visited is located at 4900 West Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75093.


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P.S. I was having too much fun and forgot to take food pictures (I feel awful!). But I hope you like the review anyways.

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