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Sprinkles Ice Cream


I have been big fan of Candace Nelson because she was a judge on the Food Network show called “Cupcake Wars”.  I was super excited when I found out that she own Sprinkles Cupcakes and that we had one in Dallas.  I had to try their cupcakes because of how much I loved the show.


The Cupcakes: I am not a big fan of frosting in general, and therefore my favorite Sprinkles cupcake is Cinnamon Sugar flavor (it has no icing, just cinnamon sugar poured on top). The cinnamon sugar cupcake is so heavenly tasting, it is like eating cinnamon sugar toast  but better! Despite the fact that I do not like frosting, I have tried a few of their cupcakes to compare and took the frosting off the top. I tried the Pumpkin, Red Velvet, and Vegan Red Velvet.  The vegan red velvet was very yummy and I would recommend it for all those looking for a great vegan baked good (this is very hard to find!).

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The Sprinkles Cupcakes Experience: Be ready for a LONG wait to get your cupcakes, the line is usually out the door and around the corner.  Their process is very slow, and I mean snail slow.  This is what I call the “Sprinkles Experience”, I believe that Candace wanted her employees to take extra care and time with each customer (or at least that’s what I am hoping!). Each day the cupcakes at Sprinkles change, and they often have special cupcakes of the month available.  Look for signs that have a little “dot” next to each cupcake that is available for that day.  Each cupcake costs $4.oo, which I feel is pretty steep.  You could bake a whole dozen for that price at home!  Also this location is not open very late, and that is why they had to open the Cupcake ATM.


The Cupcake ATM: Sprinkles Cupcakes just recently opened a Cupcake ATM machine right next to their sprinkles store.  All the cupcakes are fresh and restocked every few hours.  Sprinkles has become so popular that people want their cupcakes in the middle of the night and now they can have them! I just want to note that the line for the Cupcake ATM is usually also long, so be prepared to wait.


Sprinkles Ice Cream: We had to wait 30 minutes on a Saturday night to get our 2 Sprinkles Sundaes.  A Sprinkles Sundae is 1 cupcake and 1 scoop of ice cream put together to make a sundae.  I got my sundae with a cinnamon sugar cupcake and red velvet ice cream.  When our sundaes finally appeared, it was something amazing to experience.  Their amazing cupcake mixed with ice cream was heaven for me!  My only complaint is the ice cream flavors are little off sometimes, because they use all natural flavors.  The all natural ice cream can be on the more intense flavor side. Each Sprinkles Sundae was $6.75, and we bought two and our total was $13.50.

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In conclusion, Sprinkles Cupcakes, the Cupcake ATM and Sprinkles Ice Cream are all worth the wait and the price  in the end.  It is good to treat yourself sometimes, and don’t feel bad about it.

The Sprinkles Ice Cream location that I went to was Preston Center. 4020 Villanova Drive, Dallas, TX 75225.


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