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Cafe Brazil


I have always heard good comments about Cafe Brazil and their food. But sadly, when I went there, I did not have a good experience at all. First off, lets start with the 80’s multi-colored wall decor that was not very appetizing. The inside of the restaurant does not scream “Brazil”, it just screams “coffee shop” or “diner”.


As for the food, I wanted to try their crepes, because this is what they are known for. I ordered the Vegetable Crepes which comes with Rosemary Potatoes (I chose to have the fried sweet potatoes instead of the rosemary), and 2 pieces of multi-grain bread. The Vegetable Crepe tasted good, but it was nothing special.  I feel as though you could buy these crepes anywhere, such as any average diner in the US. I liked the multi-grain bread and jam that came with it, because I am a lover of healthy breads. The fried sweet potatoes were just that, fried sweet potatoes, no seasoning what so ever.

Vegetable Crepes

My husband ordered the Brazilian Beef Sandwich with a side of their Hash brown Casserole. He felt that the sandwich was nothing special and didn’t have a good taste.  He and I both tried the side of Hash brown Casserole and we loved it! The hash brown casserole is the only thing that was out of the ordinary and fantastic tasting.

Brazilian Beef Sandwich

The service at Cafe Brazil was also bad, It took 5 minutes for our waiter to even acknowledge our existence. It also took 20 minutes for us to receive our food, and we were starving at that point.  Maybe it was just an off day for that location? I am not sure why everything was going wrong.

To sum things up, Cafe Brazil did no impress us with their food, decor or atmosphere. It is guaranteed to say that we will not be visiting again any time soon.  Which is sad because they did have about 6 different vegetarian dishes that I would of liked to try! I would also like to say that you get what you pay for in this case, because the dishes we ordered were only around $7.99 each.  I expect more flavor when I am dining out, is that so much to ask for?


The Cafe Brazil location that I visited was 200 Coit Road, Plano, TX 75075.


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