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Blue Mesa Grill



My husband and I have been big fans of Blue Mesa Grill for a few years now. We enjoy going for their weekend brunch buffets and for dinner. They will tell you when you arrive that their food is not Mexican, it is a southwestern flavor profile.  Everything is made from scratch and they have numerous vegetarian options to choose from.  The only negative thing about Blue Mesa is the long wait time for the weekend brunch buffet.  They improved the space issue a lot when they moved to a larger location.


Blue Mesa Grill is having their 18th annual Hatch Chile Festival right now, and this is a great time to to sample their restaurant and try some hatch chile dishes.  The hatch chile is a mild pepper when cooked, and that is why I enjoy it more than other any other chilies.


They serve you a heaping bowl of tortilla chips and spiced sweet potato chips, with 2 types of salsa on the side.  I love the spiced sweet potato chips, they are so addicting and I always eat too may before my meal arrives.


I ordered the Vegetable Sampler which includes black bean adobe pie, grilled asparagus, grilled vegetable skewer, Chimayo market corn, and local seasonal vegetables.  I am a vegetarian who loves her vegetables (I know some don’t), and this dish sounded like the perfect combination for me. I substituted the grilled asparagus for their sweet potato side, because I am not a big asparagus fan. I loved the Chimayo market corn, because it melted in my mouth. I am also a fan of their black bean adobe pies, they have corn on the outside and black beans inside. I was not impressed by the grilled vegetable skewer or the edamame mixed vegetables.  I have also tried their Goat Cheese Enchiladas with blue corn tortillas, they are very tasty.


My husband tried the Steak Chile Rellano Tacos, from the Hatch chile festival menu.


The Blue Mesa location that I visited is at 14866 Montfort Drive, Addison, TX 75254.


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