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Bread Winner’s Cafe


Going to Bread Winner’s is always a treat for me.  All of the baked goods lit up inside the bakery case makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. I have personally tried their cake balls and a variety of their cookies.  Every time I try something new, it becomes my new favorite!  I have a huge sweet tooth if you haven’t already noticed.

DSCN3623 DSCN3622

I enjoy going to Bread Winner’s for brunch, lunch or dinner.  The only downside is the extremely long wait during brunch time. I prefer going for brunch because they give you complimentary fruit breads to sample while you wait for your food to come out.  All of the fruit breads that I have tried have been scrumptious ad the types that I have tried are:  banana bread, pumpkin bread, gingerbread, and  fresh strawberry (my favorite!).

Fruit Bread Assortment

Let’s get to the meal part of the brunch, it is very easy to spot a vegetarian meal on the menu because they place a big black V next to each menu item.  I was in a healthy mood and choose the Vegetable Scramble (with egg whites).  The scramble comes with brunch potatoes, but I chose to substitute fruit for my side.  Inside the scramble had artichokes, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, onion, mushrooms and herb cream cheese. I was very surprised how well the vegetables paired with the cream cheese and eggs. The scramble kept me full for quite sometime also, I forgot to mention that the portion sizes at Bread Winner’s are HUGE. You will never feel hungry after eating a meal at BW.

Egg white Vegetable Scramble with fruit

On their lunch/dinner menu, I have also tried their Grilled Vegetable Melt (portabella mushroom, sweet red pepper, summer squash, zucchini, red pepper, onion, pesto, roasted garlic aioli, mozzarella cheese on a giant ciabatta bun) which is a sandwich any veggie lover would die for. They have a lot more vegetarian menu items that I haven’t tried yet, but are next on my list to try.

Banana Foster Waffle

The Bread Winner’s location that I visited was at the North Park Mall. 8687 N. Central Expressway (on the CenterPark Garden) • Dallas TX, 75225.


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