Fast Food

Culver’s Frozen Custard


For those of you that don’t already know, I grew up in Wisconsin.  I consider myself a cheese head, because I love to put cheese on top of everything!  Everything tastes better with a little cheese on top right?

Culver’s Frozen Custard is a staple fast food restaurant that I grew up on, and they are located all over the Midwest.  I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I live a close distance to Culver’s location. Since we already  frequent here often to reminisce about my childhood, I decided it would be a great feature for a blog post.DSCN3609

Culver’s is famous for their butter burgers, cheese curds and their frozen custard flavor of the day. The butter burgers are cooked to order and have butter melted on top of the bun. When I am feeling like I am missing home, I order the cheese curds and enjoy the fried crispy cheese combination- It is truly heaven! They have a different flavor of the day of frozen custard, and some of my favorites are Strawberry Bon Bon, Twix Mix and Really Reeses.  I prefer the super creamy texture of frozen custard over ice cream any day!

Strawberry Bon Bon Frozen Custard

I come here often, because they have may vegetarian choices to pick from.  Some of my favorites are their veggie burger (because you can taste the veggies in the patty), Strawberry Fields Salad (summer featured salad), and the good old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich basket with french fries. The food at Culver’s feels more upscale than eating at other fast food restaurants, because they make all your food fresh to order and have higher quality ingredients (cheeses, meats).

Veggie Burger basket with fries
The veggie patty
The veggie burger up close
My husbands meaty roast beef sandwich

It is extremely hard for a vegetarian to find a complete meal at a fast food restaurant and Culver’s has fit the bill for me every time.


The location that visited was 2709 Flower mound Road, Flower mound, TX 75002

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