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Souper Salad

DSCN3579I know exactly what you are thinking, and I agree that Souper Salad is an obvious vegetarian restaurant. I wanted to switch roles with this post and show you how to entice a meat eating friend to eat with you at Souper Salad.


Souper Salad is an all you can eat salad bar with soups, breads, muffins, baked potatoes, ice cream dessert.  The salad bar reminds me of another vegetarian restaurant, Sweet Tomatoes. I have always been a big fan of Sweet Tomatoes, and always wanted to try Souper Salad to compare the two restaurants.

California Strawberry Sald

THE SALAD: The salad bar had 3 choices of different types of lettuce that you can pick for the base of your salad. But I chose one of their already mixed salads called the “California Strawberry Salad”.  I like to choose the already made salads because they are usually great tasting and freshly made. After the lettuce, you have about fifty different toppings and dressings that you can choose to add to your salad. NOTE: You can add chicken to any salad, and the grilled chicken is delivered right to your table, which is great for the meat eaters out there.

Add Chicken

THE BREAD/MUFFINS: All I have to say is the bread sticks were warm and melt in your mouth soft with garlic pieces on top. Honestly, they are just as good as the Olive Garden bread stick!  This place is not about the salad, it is about the bread stick.

SOUP/POTATO/OTHER: They had 4 different soup choices, 2 of them were vegetarian. I tried the Vegetable soup, which had large pieces of carrots, corn, green beans, and many other vegetables.  I dipped my bead stick in the vegetable soup to soak up the broth. You have the choice to choose a regular or sweet potato. Also, I saw but did not try a taco making station and nachos (with cheese or chili on top).

Vegetable Soup

DESSERT: As expected, they had a soft-serve machine that was vanilla flavored. I was amazed at how many ice cream toppings they had, such has shortcake, strawberry topping, caramel, fruit and even pudding. I created a strawberry shortcake sundae (my favorite) at the end of my meal.


My restaurant choices can be even more limited because my husband eats meat and would not survive on a meat free menu.  After eating at this salad bar restaurant, I am convinced that this is a perfect place for vegetarians and meat eaters to break bread sticks together!

The Souper Salad location that I visited is 2404 S Stemmons Fwy, Lewisville, TX.


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