Quick Service

Twisted Root Burger Co.

Front of TRB

When I first walked into Twisted Root Burger, I was happily surprised by their off the wall decor and attutude towards food. Many people there were having fun at the pool tables and drinking alternative beers.

Pool tables and bar atmosphere.

On the side door I saw a bumper sticker that said “Peta- People Eating Tasty Animals”, and this did not sit well with the vegetarian inside of me. Despite the negative sticker on the door, I came in with a mission and placed my order for the “Shrooms-a-lot” burger with the black bean patty (instead of meat) on a pretzel bun, and a side of the sweet potato chips. I like to order sweet potato chips/fries instead of normal fries because it makes me feels like I am being healthy and getting a serving of vegetables.

This sticker was on the side door.

TRB’s large selection of burgers can all be substituted for a black bean burger patty, and they are all served with lettuce, tomato and onion (on the side).

The drink that I chose was their pistachio lemonade, and the taste was amazingly tangy and sweet in my mouth. It was one of the most interesting drink combinations that I have ever encountered.

They make all their burgers made to order, and when my burger and sweet potato chips finally came I was ready to dig in.

Shrooms-a-lot black bean burger with pretzel bun and side of sweet potato chips.

The experience of eating a TRB is very messy, that’s why they keep rolls of paper towel on your table as napkins.  Though my burger was falling apart in my hands, it was a heavenly experience! The black bean patty was spicy, filled with corn, and black beans. The mushrooms were stuck to the creamy melted Swiss cheese.

My husband’s meaty burger.

The sweet potato chips are also worth taking note. The chips were sweet as opposed to salty, and had sugar and cinnamon on top. I put ketchup on my sweet potato chips because I like the sweet & salty combination it creates.

I would highly recommend Twisted Root Burger Co. to any person who is looking for an out of the box dining experience. This not your average burger joint by any means.

The Twisted Root Burger location that I visited is 1111 S Main St Ste 100, Carrollton, TX.


See you again next time!


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Twitter: @VegGirlEatsDFW

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